We offer fully duplicated, printed, and packaged VHS tapes!

VHS tapes are back in style! Filmmakers, musicians, and artists are using VHS tapes for all sorts of audio-visual projects, ranging from music video collections, vaporwave visuals, and horror indies.

VHS tapes have their own style and aesthetic you won't find in digital video, and through Duplication.com we are able to recreate that old-school Blockbuster magic while maintaining the same quality you would find in professional VHS releases. These are perfect for special editions and merch table sales. We duplicate directly from your digital files, there's no need to provide us with a master VHS tape!

Custom-Printed VHS Sleeves and Print

We custom print cardboard VHS sleeves using digital or ultra high-quality offset press in stunning CMYK. These are designed to snuggly fit your VHS tape---not too loose, but not too tight. They can also fit t-shirts, giving apparel companies a unique way to package their garments!

We also offer polypropylene plastic library cases with custom printed wraparound artwork. Templates for either package are available here.

Stickers and Labels

We provide all the stickers, labels, and printing options that you remember from back in the day. Order your face labels or spine labels directly through the online store. We can also pad print directly to the face of your VHS, please send us an email for a quote. You can find templates for these services on our VHS template page.

Preparing Digital Files

VHS tapes are duplicated with 4:3 aspect ratio and NTSC video format for pre-2000 era televisions, so keep this in mind when preparing your video file. Widescreen videos will have black bars on the top and bottom of the picture. Contact us if you need help creating the video file. Your file must be NTSC-compatible 720x480 (or 720x486) Standard Definition with rectangular DV pixels, or 640 x 480 with square pixels. The frame-rate needs to be 29.97fps. Incompatible files will have to be re-encoded for an extra cost. We are able to duplicate PAL region VHS tapes for European clients, please email us for a custom quote.