Professional Glass-Mastered CD Pressing Packages with Pro Offset Board Printing
Order as few as 100 factory-pressed CDs!

Laser engraved CD pit art is available! Text or logo artwork can be embedded in the CD stamper if there's empty space. Add a request for pit art on the second page of the order form and a sales rep will contact you with an updated quote. The shorter your audio, the more space you have for pit art. The sample above has around 40 minutes of audio (a CD can hold up to 80 minutes of music).

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Official CD Replication "Pressing" Pricing

CD Type:
Colors on disc: (white counts as a color)
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(1: You supply download package of less than 250MB in a zip and we generate the codes and host it, 2: You supply your own cards, or 3: You supply a PDF of Bandcamp codes with an additional 10% of overs)

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We highly recommend UPS Signature on delivery. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages after shipment if you decline the signature option.

Quantity: For quantities under 500 compare our CD-R duplication packages
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PDF proofs are included. Taxes are extra and depend on the shipping address - there are no taxes when we ship to the USA!

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These CD manufacturing packages include high-quality offset printing with AQ glossy coating. Digital printing is also available for smaller quantities and very rush orders. Don't hesitate to speak to a sales rep to discuss options.
Master will be sent:
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For CD pressing packages all your material must be to spec before we can start counting production days. A physical CD-R or a DDP image is required as master, and press-ready PDF files are needed for all artwork. Allow 1 to 2 days for artwork and proofing before production days start. Rush orders will have the artwork and master processing stages accelerated.

If we are creating artwork or the master, turntime does not start until we have your approval. Mastering and design work could take 1 week.

Rush orders are based on being ready for shipping or pickup at the Toronto factory at 4PM. Shipping days are not included in the time estimate.

Feel free to email or call to review prices and options with a product specialist.

These CD Pressing packages include:

100% commercial quality just like major label artists, ready for retail sale and perfect playback in every CD player.

Official factory-pressed discs from a glass master (not burned CD-R copies).

We offer 2 types of CD cover printing: classic offset printing, as well as dgital printing. Both are good quality. The typical CD you would find in a store is offset-printed. It has a nice glossy coating to protect against scuffing and fingerprints. We can also apply a subtle matte coating. Offset printing is most economic for runs of 500 and higher. Digital printing is done on large Xerox or Canon laser printers with wax-based toner (ink) and has lower setup fees but higher running costs, so it's best for runs under 500 pieces.  In the case of very small text in a very dark black background the digital printing can have a better result. Still, offset printing is the standard for "official" CD pressings. Digital prints can be damaged by heat when shrinkwrapping, so you could opt for poly bags instead of shrinkwrapping.

Cardboard wallets and jackets include sturdy 15 point cardboard with an option for thicker board or recycled 18 point chipboard.

Aqueous (AQ) gloss coating on the board and paper products adds a nice sheen and protection from fingerprints and scuffing (available with offset printing). We can also do reverse board print, matte AQ, spot UV, soft touch, and other finishes. Embossing and foil printing are also available.

All paper is FSC-Certified and made with sustainable practices.

High-quality precision glass mastering and stampers for low disc error rates and reliable playback

Skilled pressmen to get the best print results.

Guaranteed turntimes

FASTEST TURNTIME in North America for a professional product

Secure double-boxing of your CDs for safe shipping anywhere in North America. Pallet shipping is also available for larger orders.


· There is an extra fee for metallic and flourescent inks.
· If you want the reverse side of the board printed to hide the white inner spine and edges, ask for an upgrade to four color on reverse of the board for CAD$275, or black on reverse of the board for CAD$125 (for digital print: color on reverse is $100, black on reverse is $50).
· If you choose the custom transport quote we will estimate the shipping after we have your shipping addresses, or when the order is complete.
· Electronic PDF proofs are included. Layout and design service is available and will be quoted once we see your art elements, photos, and text. We can estimate the simplest layout job will start from $62.50.

 Other Details and Specs
· For CD PRESSING packages we assume you will supply a final mastered DDP image from your mastering engineer. Some studios still supply a master on audio CD-R which we can convert to DDP image.

If you want to supply audio files you need mastering. Your studio could do it or refer you to a mastering engineer. If we do a straight transfer of your audio files to CD your files must be 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV or AIFF format and you must choose the option for how much space you want between the songs. We can do sample-rate conversion in our mastering studio.

**If you are supplying audio files please pay special attention to the specified space between the songs. If your tracks have been mastered as an album then it is likely that you want the default option "0 pause seamless mix" because your mastering engineer has already set the spaces between the songs. Otherwise you may want 2 or 3 seconds between songs. Finding the right pause is what a mastering engineer will help you with.

There is no extra fee if we reject your art files once before the PDF proofs are generated. Resubmitting art files several times or after PDF proofs have been generated will result in a fee of $25 per document. Make sure to include bleed and respect 1/8" safety margin in your artwork. Please proofread your files before sending them to us! Make sure to include Made in Canada on the back cover of your artwork.

The final prints will tend to be darker on paper compared when displayed on a backlit screen. It's best to print the proofs to get a good idea how the final print will appear.
· Please contact us to arrange scheduling of rush orders.
· Turn time: Monday to Friday are counted as business days. Day 0 is the day we have master, films, artwork approval, and all required licenses in hand before noon EST. Rush orders are based on being ready for shipping or pickup in Toronto at 4 PM. You have to count from 0 - for example a 5 day turn is counted as 0-1-2-3-4-5. An order placed on a Monday with 5 day rush will be ready the next Monday.
· We strive to produce exact quantities, however in rare cases there may be shortages.