Commercial Printing Templates

Artwork for print must be a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch.
All paper print items require a bleed of 1/8" (approx 3mm) unless noted.
Always leave a safety margin of 1/8" from the edge of the paper to important text or visuals - otherwise there is a risk of it getting cut off.
Artwork should be in CMYK format for full colour printing..

Make sure your resolution is set to 300 pixels per inch

Place your artwork in its own separate layer

To avoid delays or art modification fees, include bleed.

What is full bleed printing?

This means your want your artwork to extend to the edge of the trimmed page, so you must include a bleed in your artwork extending past the trim lines. If you don't include a bleed, two of the four edges will have an amateur-looking white margin after cutting. Also, if you put important words or art too close to the trim line, it may get cut off, so you should use a safety margin of 1/8" or 3mm.



Business Cards

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Flyers, Postcards, Posters

3 x 4
3 x 5

4 x 5
5 x 5
6 x 5
5 x 7
4 x 9
7 x 5
8 x 5
8 x 5.5
8.5 x 5.5
8.5 x 11
8.5 x 14
9 x 6
11 x 17
17 x 22
17 x 22 1 fold
18 x 24


1.5 x 7
2 x 6
2 x 8

Rack Cards

4 x 9