These templates are for short-run and fast-turn projects that we duplicate or "burn" onto blank media.

These templates are for replicated or "pressed" discs with a usual turntime of 1 to 3 weeks.


Standard Inkjet

cd dvd inkjet print examples

A wide variety of pro media to choose from for every budget: either white or silver, smooth, satin water-repellent, or glossy smudge-proof media
Print diameter: 22mm-118.5mm
Photoshop PSD

Thermal print on shiny disc

thermal black print

Black, red, blue or green
Print diameter: 38mm-113.5mm
Photoshop PSD

Silkscreen on blank discs

silkscreened discs

Ideal for solid fills, line art, and a permanent image, offered for CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R
Print diameter: 23mm-116mm


Offset Print DVD-R

Perfect CMYK printing of photo artwork on your blank DVDs.


Digital Vinyl CD-R

vinyl cd-r

Cool Inkjet-printable vinyl-style CD-Rs available for your duplication projects.
Max print diameter: 70mm



Disc Replication and Silkscreen on Blank Media

Print diameter: 23mm-116mm

The same template is used for both silkscreen and offset printing. CDs have a clear center area. DVDs are silver all the way to 23mm inner print area.

Silkscreen sample with opaque black ink:

silkscreen CD

2 Color Silkscreen Sample with no white flood


2 Color Photo Print

Here are some more considerations for printing halftones:

  • densities paler than 15% will be lost
  • densities greater than 85% may become solid
  • the line screen is 120 lines per inch
  • there are zones having sudden changes in density. We suggest to avoid gradients and skintones when silkscreen printing at 120 lines per inch
  • For smooth gradients we would have to go down to about 85 lines per inch or lower, giving a coarse image. But you may enjoy the effect for artistic reasons.

For more info about silkscreen printing click here

Mini Disc and Business Card

80 mm Mini-CD and Mini-DVD


Photoshop PSD

Business Card Hockey Rink CD/DVD

60mm PDF

66mm PDF