We duplicate audio cassettes

Duplication.ca has been manufacturing audio cassette packages since 1989, and every year that passes our cassettes sound and look better than ever. Our duplication process begins with your lossless digital files, which we mass record to cassette using real-time duplication or high-speed duplication. You can order cassette duplication packages here, which includes recorded audio, dozens of different cassette colours, printing and packaging. Shipping to the United States and Canada is free, with exception of few rural or hard-to-reach areas.

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Choosing between Real-Time and High-Speed duplication

The difference in audio quality between the two duplication methods lies in the frequency range. Real-time duplication has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, while high-speed has a range of 20Hz to 16kHz. Considering the human ear isn't capable of hearing past 20kHz, that's an excellent frequency range for an audio cassette! High-speed duplication may require frequencies higher than 10kHz to be lowered in volume, but cut off completely at 16kHz.

Generally speaking, you won't find a big gulf in audio quality difference when it comes to most rock, pop, or folk music. Anything that's mid-range won't have much audible activity in the 10-20kHz range. However, if you work with synthesis or extremely high feedback squeals you may find those sounds to be a tad duller on high-speed duplication. Moreover, if you value sound quality over cost, you can't go wrong with real-time duplication.

Different tape types

We currently offer three grades of type-I audio tape for duplication. Super Ferro Music Grade Tape is our standard model, featuring an excellent performance rate and rock solid playback, sounding great across all genres. Recording the Masters Premium Ferro has unbelievable consistency with no dropouts, handling your high and low frequencies like a pro, giving a maximum output level of +2.2db at 315Hz with a signal to noise ratio of over 48db. Extra long cassettes will require BASF ECP 110 Minute Normal-Bias Tape.

Please note that the volume at which we duplicate is based off the loudest peak of your master. We will record as loudly as possible before risking distortion, meaning that audio masters with a particularly loud peak may cause the rest of the cassette to be duplicated at a lower volume than normal.

Blank cassettes

In addition to our cassette duplication services we sell blank cassettes through the online store, all you need to do is choose your colour and your length. Please note that the length is per side, meaning that if you choose 10 minutes the total length of both sides will be 20 minutes.

Funky and Unique packaging

If you're looking for cassette packaging that goes beyond the standard cassette box, take a look around the website at some of our more unique packaging options. You can order O-Cards and Maltese-Cross boxes with duplication using our instant quote page. Other options include vinyl "audiobook" style albums, rave cases, box sets, and more.

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Pad Print, UV Colour, and Laser Engraving

The customization doesn't end with the packaging, you can also turn the face of the audio cassette into a piece of art! We have three methods in which you can add artwork to your cassette-- pad print, UV full colur print, and laser engraving. Pad print stamps one or two-colour ink directly to the face of the cassette using high-resolution vector artwork templates, providing sharp lines and fine details. UV Full Colour provides CMYK print from the top to bottom of the cassette face, with no limitations to the raised area. Laser engraving is a completely different beast, carving artwork or text on to your cassette as if it were a stone tablet. All three methods are also available for cassette cases, allowing you to create a completely unique package or collector's item.

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