· DVD Manufacturing Procedure ·


There are many steps involved in DVD replication. Here is a summary and the normal turn time of each stage.

Authoring: Your video source is encoded to MPEG-2 format, and a menu is designed according to your specification. You may also have multiple soundtracks in different languages or with commentary. Typical turn time: 1 to 2 weeks. One test DVD-R is made for your approval, and a DLT is made for glass mastering. In the case of a DVD-10, 2 DVD-Rs and 2 DLT tapes are made. For a DVD-9, 2 DLTs must be properly authored.

Glass mastering and test pressing: a handful of test discs can be made and sent to you for approval. These discs are not silkscreened. Turn: 4 to 7 days. Please ask your sales rep for current pricing of test copies.

Final pressing and silkscreening: After your approval, the discs are replicated, silkscreened, and packaged. Turn: 4 to 7 days (not including any insert printing which must be ready before this stage).

Shipping: The discs are shipped to you or your distribution points. We must be advised of the final shipping destination(s) when estimating the job.