Printing templates for our new audio cassette labels


cassette label pic

Our new cassette labels are made with a better quality paper stock and allow full-bleed printing of your custom artwork.

We can also print the labels for you on our high quality production machine.


GIF file, 300 dpi, white background
GIF file, 300 dpi, transparent background
PSD Photoshop file, 300 dpi

Printing from Microsoft Word


12-up template using a table in Word

Another way to print from Word is with the mailing feature.

Word docx format

Word doc format

Your page size should be 3.5 inches x 1.625 inches.

Step 1: Click on Mailings, then Labels, then on the label:

word label setup


Next click on New Label, and enter the settings shown.

word label settings

Press OK and hopefully your labels will come out centered on your printer. Some adjustment to the printer or label settings may be required. Usually we print on plain paper first to see if the margins and spacing are correct.

Install the label into Microsoft Word 2007

If you want to preinstall this label type into Microsoft Word so the user doesn`t have to go through these steps, we found the following method:

Download this pg_custom.xml file (right click and select Save as...)

Copy the file into your Application Data-Microsoft-Office folder on your hard drive:

Install label type in Microsoft Office Word 2007