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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 2

Gladys Lazer – Way Imperfect

The newest release from New York percussionist Gladys Lazer bounces back and forth between pummeling your eardrums with poly-rhythms and soothing your soul with calming ambient jazz. A varied sonic landscape of instrumental beat patterns.


Rogue Tenant – Compassion EP

Newest release from Toronto’s Rogue Tenant (lead by Patrick Grant). They teeter the line between alt-rock and art-rock, creating down-to-earth, mid-tempo rock anthems.


Pink Ranger – Floating Points

New lo-fi vaporwave courtesy Pink Ranger from Tampa. Very soft 80’s grooves – feels like window shopping with your crush but not buying anything other than a smoothie.


Brave Radar – It’s Honey’s World

Minimal, hazy pop songs tinged with psychedelic and no-wave sensibilities. Sounds like Broadcast’s more easygoing cousin from Montreal that doesn’t try nearly as hard but still gets really good grades.