Sell Your Music

Register in The Dupe Shop as a label or artist and list your items for sale! You will earn two-thirds (66.6%) of revenue for items sold in our shop. We accept cassettes, lathe cuts, zines + art books, video releases, and now CDs!


  • Click on My Account, and register a new account selecting the option “Apply to become a vendor?”
  • Your vendor account will be created automatically and you can click here to add items to sell.
  • Add your items, setting the quantity you are giving us on consignment and your desired selling price. You will earn two thirds of the selling price.
  • Describe your item and upload a product image and other audio/video media as you want!
  • Drop off or send us your items.

Once you have created an account you can start adding items. At this time we only want tapes and lathe cuts added to our shop. Contact us if you want to list other items.

Drop off or send your  items to:
The Dupe Shop (Analogue Media Technologies Inc.)
1185 Bloor St West
Toronto, ON  M6H 1M9
Tel: 416-502-8273

Note: If you already created a Dupeshop account and did not apply for a vendor account upon registration, we will have to manually set your account as a vendor, so send us an email requesting this change.

You must add a Product Image to your page.
It will draw attention to your item and keep our website looking nice! Add the product image via the sidebar of the Edit Product page.

The more product description and details the better. Consider adding a short MP3 for customers to get a sense of what your album sounds like! YouTube embedding is also an option for music videos or trailers.


NB: any incoming shipments valued over CAD$20 will have a customs brokerage fee and taxes billed to us.  To avoid this declare the products as samples with value under CAD$20.  If we receive a bill we will deduct the amount from your first sales. The brokerage fee can vary from $7 to $30.


If your items remain unsold after some months we may remove the items from our shop, or contact you to discuss a lower selling price or have you do additional promotion to encourage sales. Return shipping cost for unsold items will be at your expense.


For the majority of customers the simplest way to be compensated for your sales is to receive a credit or gift certificate to apply to your future purchases of blank or duplicated tapes. This way you don’t have to make an invoice.

We can issue payment by PayPal – you just have to send us a PayPal Invoice requesting payment. We can pay you by cheque upon receipt of an invoice, less postal cost if you want the cheque mailed to you. Payments will be made on a schedule and after a return allowance period (currently 7 days after sale, or in the case of shipped items, 7 days after customer receives item). Please note that for shipped items there is a very small chance of chargebacks well after this return period.