VHS Duplication

Where else in Canada are you going to find a store ready to mass duplicate your digital master direct to VHS? If you haven’t heard the news, VHS is the perfect home for horror movies, vaporwave aesthetics, and artistic oddities!

We took the time to make ordering VHS duplication even easier. All you have to do is enter your length and quantity and we can instantly provide you with an exact price through our Duplication.ca online store. Check out these awesome VHS packages!

VHS Duplication w/ Cardboard Sleeves

These cardboard sleeves are impeccably designed to snuggly fit your VHS tapes. Printed on inkjet or offset press depending on the quantity and using a thick 15pt cardboard for added durability. Usual turntime for duplication and printing is around 4 weeks.

View our VHS Duplication w/ Cardboard Sleeves packaging

VHS Duplication w/ Library Cases

Do you miss the days of heading to your local video store on a Friday night and picking up the gnarliest horror movie for you and your friends? These heavy duty library cases oughta bring you back! Duplicated VHS tapes come packaged in black polypropylene library cases with fully-printed wraparound cover. Looks fantastic when displayed in a shelf!

Check out our VHS Duplication w/ Library Cases package

VHS Face Sticker Labels

Printed sticker labels are a cheap, easy, and gorgeous method of decorating your next VHS release. Better yet, the usual turnaround time is 5 days, so you’ll receive them in the mail before you know it. The stickers are standard white matte, perfect for full colour CMYK printing. You can order them in combination with a duplication package, blank tapes, or simply just the stickers so you can apply them on your own.

Send us your VHS sticker label designs

Digitization to DVD or Digital File

If you want to get your video off a VHS tape, we can do that too. We can record your VHS straight to DVD-Video or a digital file type of your choosing. Our standard turnaround time is quick, from a couple of days to later that afternoon depending on our workload. Just drop off your tape and we’ll take over from there!