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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 10

Britt Elise – Dove

Wintry lo-fi acid folk melodies dangling in the wind, like a charm hanging from an old branch.


ROY – s/t

Local psychedelic super group. Sounds like getting stoned and cropping your favourite shirt.


Volur – Psychopomp

Haunting baroque doom metal. Wouldn’t be surprised if the members of this band have secretly been alive for over a thousand years.


Night Light Tapes – ARCHIVE_3077

Lo-fi ambient compilation from Pennsylvania. Sounds for when you can’t sleep and decide to take a walk before the sun comes up.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 7

Man Meets Bear – Shadow Falls, Echoes Juniper

Delicate, ethereal folk music that bleeds in and out of ambient sounds. Feels like drifting in and out of sleep alone on a train, on your way to meet someone you love but haven’t seen in some time. Beautiful album art by Petra Glynt.


The Fact – Demo 2019

Extra heavy mid-tempo Toronto hardcore courtesy of Homie Shit Magazine. If your life is missing that bit of extra ‘ommphf’ or whatever.


Sore Eyelids – Avoiding Life

Shoegazey emo from Gothenburg, Sweden. Lots of hazy, bending guitar riffs and sustained reverb drenched vocals.


No Colour Blue – S/T

Beautiful ambient collaboration between local electronic artists Castle If and Saturn City. Long and soft drone. Super relaxing, good for meditation if you’re into that.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 6

Omar Bongo – 2019

Somalian folk artist Omar Bongo’s follow up to last year’s staff favourite “Gor Gor” which was recorded inside the Istar restaurant in Etobicoke by Dave Ewenson. I somehow like this new release even better than the last. For fans of traditional finger picked oud tunes.


Memorex / Mort Garcon – 4 song split single

This collaboration between Memorex and Mort Garcon brings us energetic electro / cold-wave. Sounds like getting cyber-attacked and secretly enjoying it. Comes in a shiny package (literally).


Michael C. Duguay – Summer Flight Lasts Forever

A sweet collection of unreleased acoustic versions of songs by singer-songwriter Michael C. Duguay. These songs strum along at a leisurely pace and carry your mind to a simpler place.


Point No Point – Drift

Brought to us via German label Spati Palace, Point no Point’s “Drift” is an experimental combination of folk, drone , electronic and pop. It’s a somber collection of dreamy, hazy sounds from the mind of Jana Sotzko.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 5

Labradoodle – Life is Better

Local weirdos take you on a fantastical voyage. Temperamental indie pop. Children’s music for adults.


Short Bloom – People Patterns

Local DJ, producer and performer Sachin Mohindra sculpts delicate electronic ambient music. There is a strong house music influence tying all these experimental and pop sounds together. Meticulous dance music for your soul.


Nico Paulo – Wave Call

Nico (originally from Portugal) has been living in Toronto and releasing elegant, dreamy folk pop that will take your breath away. Catchy and heartbreaking, huge recommendation.


valyri – home, for the first time

Experimental and intelligent sound arrangements. Blending harsh noise and ethereal lo-fi ambient. Highly unpredictable and engrossing.


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Dupe Shop: Staff Picks – Volume 1

J Hamilton Isaacs – Circumzenithal Arc

Newest release from Washington-based experimental label Ingrown Records. The imagined sounds of light being reflected through ice crystals.


Switched On – A Link to the Past

Compositions from The Legend of Zelda video game franchise, re-imagined as an atmospheric electronic album.


Desco Radio-Club EP – Yuuki Platinum 2000

Newest release from Los Angeles based vaporwave label Adeptus Minor. Highly danceable future funk made by a French guy living in Japan.


Hieronymus Harry – Day of the Moon

Debut release from local alt-country favourite Hieronymus Harry. Timeless acid folk you’ll surely have on repeat.