Otherm – Post Medium


“Sacred pearls of ambient electronica shine across an inter-dimensional cathedral of light, as a disembodied voice blurs the line between digital and spiritual. Driving beats and flowering blossoms of mathematical wonder swirl and flourish on the peripheral planes of perception. This is Post Medium – a new journey into ancient worlds beyond our own. Upon arrival in this unknown existence, we are greeted with messages of otherness, of being and non-being.

Post Medium exists in a place all its own, pulling together elements from pop, ambient electronica, darkwave, and vaporwave to create a unique sonic experience. Clear, otherworldy vocals ring out above the polished synth backdrops for strikingly dramatic aural expressions. Otherm balances textured passages of electronic art with powerful, lighter-than-air melodies and vocalizations in a cohesive work that will brighten any collection.” – Gray Lee

[[[[[[ OTHERM ]]]]]]


;;;;;;Post Medium;;;;;;



released April 30, 2019


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