Dope Sweater – Dope Sweater is a Cult


The ascension is finally here, and we brought the soundtrack for it.
If you want to feel better, succumb to the Sweater

Shout out to all of the people that have continued to rep our shit, book our shows, play shows with us, let us stay at their house and what have you…. Anti-feds, Chelshots 😉 ;), THE ONE AND ONLY TOMMY STOREY!!! , Stanky Brown <3, Breezy, Audrizzle, Abbizle , Nik, Lojay, Dustin, Nathaniel, Patrick, Them Dudes at The Main Mix who sell us our shit, Txtbook, All them Louisville cats, OUR FAMILIES haha, Denny Utter! Robert Smith, Them Welfare Line skaters and anyone else we may have forgotten.
RIP to our friends who aren’t with us anymore, this goes out to y’all

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