Adjusting The Speed of Your Cassette Deck

Every cassette deck runs at a slightly different speed. The tolerance of a machine made in 1990 when brand new was 0.5% to 2%. After 25+ years, it is pretty sure that your 25 year old machine needs new belts and a speed calibration. An exception could be made for machines with direct drive capstan motors. Very few machines had direct-drive capstans because they were very expensive.

How to adjust the speed of cassette decks
Many cassette decks have a hole in the back of the capstan motor. This hole is usually covered by a rubber shroud, and you can insert a small jeweler’s screwdriver  to connect with a potentiometer which allows adjustment of the speed. This adjustment is often very sensitive and it’s difficult to get a very precise and stable speed – a very small adjustment can result in a huge speed variance. Better decks might have an adjustment potentiometer on the PC board which allows a much more precise setting of the speed.

We offer a test tape containing a 440Hz A tone and a 3150 Hz tone to assist in setting the speed of your cassette deck.