About George

George Frehner started the company in 1989 with a small handful of real-time cassette duplicators, and quickly grew into the expanding CD pressing business as well as vinyl pressing and blank media supplies for recording studios and DIY publishers.

Stock Updates August 2023

Light blue cassette restocked.


Added RECYCLED white cassette labels. SKU CASS-LABELREC

This new label variant is made with recycled paper. It’s a bit less bright than the standard label stocks. Available in the online shop and with duplication orders.

Chrome tapes added to the online shop

C-20 Chrome in clear cassettes


C-85 Hi-Def Wasabi Bridge


C-100 Chrome


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Pre-Loaded Type 1 Normal Bias Blank Tapes

SKU12894 C-10 Magnolia SW (Tabs-OUT) loaded with HI-FI Tape
SKU12888 C-10 Transparent with Grey Liners (Tabs-IN) loaded with HI-FI Tape
SKU12904 C-11 Clear with Black Liners (Tabs-Out) loaded with Fox Tape
SKU12893 C-15 TINR Black (Tabs-OUT) loaded with Fox Tape
SKU12889 C-16 Red Tint with Screws (Tabs-OUT) loaded with HI-FI Tape
SKU12891 C-19 Smoke Tint Sonic (Tabs-OUT) loaded with HI-FI Tape
SKU12892 C-20 Blue Tint Sonic (Tabs-OUT) loaded with HI-FI Tape
SKU12902 C-22 Smoke Tint Sonic (Tabs-Out) loaded with HI-FI Tape
SKU12903 C-33 Clear with Black Liners (Tabs-Out) loaded with Fox Tape
SKU12896 C-38 Clear with Black liners (Tabs-Out) loaded with hi-fi Tape
SKU12897 C-41 White matte (Tabs-Out) loaded with hi-fi Tape
SKU12900 C-42 Red transparent screw GRUNGY (Tabs-Out) loaded with fox Tape
SKU12898 C-45 Clear with Grey Liner (Tabs-Out) loaded with hi-fi Tape
SKU12899 C-47 Red transparent screw GRUNGY (Tabs-Out) loaded with hi-fi Tape
SKU12890 C-50 TONR GOLD SW (Tabs-OUT) loaded with HI-FI Tape
SKU12901 C-73 Frost with Grey Liners and Screws (Tabs-Out) loaded with HI-FI Tape

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Use Your Online Shop Address Book on the Duplication Calculators

We have integrated the online shop address book into our popular duplication calculators! Now, when you’re entering a duplication or pressing order, sign in to get access to your address book. Here’s a few pictures showing how it works. First, sign in or register:

When you’re on the 2nd step, your addresses will be pulled from the online shop. You can also click on View Address Book where you can maintain your addresses.

When you’re looking at your account in the online shop, there’s a tab to view your duplication orders under Quotes Orders. Only new orders will show up here.

Currently, only 1 shipping address can be chosen per order.

Creating Pad-Print and Laser Engraving Art Using Canva

If you need to create artwork using an online design service like Canva, here’s how you can go about it.

Our platemaker and Laser engraver operates at 1000 pixels per inch so we’ve created the pad print and laser engraving template as 5 x 5 inches with 1000 ppi resolution (5000 x 5000 pixels). The template files are found on our template page. For Canva you will need the JPG template like this one.

​In Canva you can create a document of 5000 x 5000 pixels, then import this template image and resize it to fill the entire canvas. Your cassette art must be done only in BLACK, no colors. Change the transparency of the template to see what you’re doing.

When you’re done, delete the template image, and then download the art.

Endless Tapes

Endless tapes are special cassettes made with a loop of tape that repeats forever. We have various lengths in stock ranging from 20 seconds to 12 minutes.

You’ll notice there are no sprockets on the hubs. The tape is driven by the capstan motor and pinch roller.


Some of our customers make their own endless tapes from ordinary cassettes. Check out Amulets