How to record on tabs out cassettes

Many of our cassettes are made without the record-inhibit tabs! If you have a professional duplicator that won’t be an issue because pro duplicating machines do not check for the record tab.  But home recording decks will not record on tabs out cassettes. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to fool your cassette deck so it records even when the tabs are out.

Method 1: put scotch tape over the hole on the top of the cassette.

Method 2: put duct tape in the upper left corner of the cassette well to block the pin from coming down.

Method 3: Open the cover and find a way to stop the pin from going down, or short-circuit the contacts on the sensor. A toothpick or wire can be used to keep the pin up.

If you’ve modified your cassette deck, just don’t forget that it will now record on any cassette even if the record tabs have been punched out.


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