UV Print On Cassette

Full body print

UV print has totally revolutionized how you can design your cassette releases. You no longer need to limit yourself to one or two colours, you have the entire CMYK spectrum to choose from when designing your masterpiece. Even better, with Full Body UV print you can design artwork on the raised edges and bottom hub area of the cassette shell, doing away with the constraints found in sticker labels and pad print! Our template includes knockout layers for the hubs and window, that way ink will not seep inside of the shell.

Ordering Full Body Print is easy! Just select it from the ‘Label type’ dropdown menu. You have a choice between single sided or double sided artwork, just like with pad print. We’ve also added UV print as an item in our online shop to add to your blank tapes!

Stained glass and reverse UV print

What makes UV print pop on cassette is the white base coating applied before your artwork, which stops the ink from being absorbed by the plastic shell, especially with darker shell colours. However, when you don’t apply the white base, you instead get a semi-transparent effect, wherein you can see the artwork but light can still shine through with transparent shells – very similar to stained glass!

With transparent shells you can sidestep the white base coating to also achieve a visible reverse print. Here’s an example by Monster Piece, released by Sly Vinyl Records, where you can see the reverse image of the Side B artwork by looking through Side A. This gives a sense of perspective and distance, as if the moon is in the background and the howling werewolf in the foreground. The B-side will show the artwork in its correct orientation as provided by the artist.

Omitting the white base coating for a stained glass effect or reverse print is available by request! Just add UV Full Body print to your cassette order and let us know your desired effect in the ‘notes’ section of your order.

📸 courtesy of Sly Vinyl Records

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  1. I came across your article on UV print on cassette tapes, and I must say, it’s very informative! I had no idea that this technology existed and it’s great to see how it can be used to create unique and eye-catching designs on cassette tapes.

    The fact that the UV printing process allows for full-color designs with high resolution is impressive. It’s also great to see that the ink is durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring that the designs will last for a long time.

    I appreciate the tips provided in the article on how to prepare the artwork for UV printing, as well as the different options available for cassette tape shell colors. These details are important for ensuring that the final product looks as good as possible.

    Overall, I think UV print on cassette tapes is a great way to add a personal touch to cassette tape designs. Thank you for sharing this information with your readers and providing a resource for those interested in this technology. Keep up the good work!

  2. I found your post on UV printing on cassette tapes to be both informative and fascinating. I had no idea that it was possible to print full-color designs directly onto cassette tapes using UV printing technology.

    The examples you provided of UV printed cassette tapes were impressive and visually striking. It’s great to see how this technology can be used to create unique and personalized cassette tapes for musicians, artists, and other creatives. I appreciate that you included detailed information on the printing process, including the types of printers and inks used.

    Your advice on how to prepare artwork for UV printing was also helpful. It’s good to know that high-resolution images are needed for the best possible results, and that there are certain design elements that are best avoided when creating artwork for cassette tape printing.

    Overall, your post on UV printing on cassette tapes has inspired me to consider this technology for my own creative projects. The ability to create custom-designed cassette tapes with full-color graphics is a game-changer, and I appreciate the detailed information and advice you provided in your post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the community!

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