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Maxell 34 Minute PRO CERTIFIED Audio DAT Tape (Rare Variant)

Maxell 34 Minute  PRO CERTIFIED Audio DAT Tape (Rare Variant)
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Maxell 34 Minute Certified Audio Pro DAT, rare variant with index card

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15 meters/34 minutes 
Coercivity: 1530 Oe 
Retentivity: 2600 G 
Comes in soft poly case 
Certified Digital Audio Tape 
Maxell part: R-34DA(P)

Maxell DAT. It’ s Certified...the ideal recording medium, offering 
superb audio quality, incredibly high dynamic rage and 
frequency response. By utilizing the exclusive Maxell Ceramic 
Armor Metal particle, measuring just 0.2µm in length, with a 
thin ceramic layer only 20A in thickness, Maxells DAT delivers 
flawlessly high performance strength characteristics, achieving 
high output and consistency. 

Developing a unique 5-layer construction to maximize the 
properties of Ceramic Armor Metal Particles was the key to the 
success in design of the Maxell’s Digital Audio Tape. Using 
Maxell’s new HED binder system to bond the densely packed 
magnetic layer securely to an ultra smooth base film plus the 
back coating layer, creates a stable running tape. 

Maxell’s DAT has also attained an unprecedented level of 
accuracy and reliability with the construction of a special 
“dust-free” environment to shut out contaminants. The DAT 
cassette shell is constructed using Super Heat Resistant ABS, 
a new material, so precise, so heat resistant, that Maxell’s DAT 
achieves incredible accuracy and sustained durability. Maxell 
has triumphed again... producing for the audio world a 
superior digital audio tape. Maxell DAT. No hiss noise, 
wow/flutter or distortion. Maxell DAT. Incredible high dynamic 
range and frequency response.